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For over 15 years Comega has been a partner of excellence in the production of packaging machines and turnkey lines, from secondary packaging to end-of-line palletizing

The use of modern product handling technologies, not least the most advanced robotics to guarantee efficiency and versatility, allows us to respond adequately to the different market needs in the various industrial sectors, with adaptable and customizable solutions according to individual needs

In 2020 Comega was acquired by BIPRES SPA and this new structure has favored a renewed momentum of the company by creating new important opportunities.

Our values

Customer satisfaction and Human Capital are primary values which drive Comega investment, with a view to continuous growth.

The strength of the group

The group that was formed created a system that favors synergies within its divisions, optimizing the efficiency of the various business units by strengthening individual skills, to ensure a product and service with high added value and extremely beneficial for their customers

Transversal functions and departments are made available to Comega – sheet metal processing and machining, painting and mass assembly – guaranteeing total control of production and quality, from the single component to the complete machine

In this new context, it becomes easy for Comega to focus on its engineering and R&D departments, making full use of the know-how and long experience acquired over the years by the group, to position itself on today’s market as the ideal supplier for the development, design and assembly of high-quality, state-of-the-art turnkey machines and systems.

Designed for our customers

The Comega technical team is available to its customers to give valuable support in the study of project data and to best advise in the choice of materials and packaging for perfect machinability, in full compliance with the required standards for quality, operating and sustainability, also in terms of energy saving. Maximum reliability and user friendliness are elements that unite distinguish the Comega technical proposal through dedicated construction techniques and premium brands components.

Comega in the world

We enhance today’s challenges with cutting-edge machines and solutions in secondary packaging and in the end of the line to meet the future needs of a constantly evolving market .


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Our goal is to build long-term partnerships that will help us retain our competitive edge to best respond to today’s business opportunities and market challenges.

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